We were made for the fashion forward, the young, the creative and the free.  LMNT represents the independent, #fierce and trendsetting modern soul. In a world where everyone blends in, LMNT is for the bold, the fearless, the adventurous and the unforgettable.

We were born to keep up with our #MYLMNT squad as they chase an endless summer across the world from the Gold Coast to Maui. LMNT is fast becoming the must have brand for the trendsetters, globetrotters and the free spirits of now. From sunrise to sunset festival lovers, digital nomads, musicians and the fashion obsessed follow their passion in style.

Our shades are meant for island hopping, summer festivals, new adventures and risk taking.

Every element has been crafted to stand out and keep up with every crazy, perfect, and #instaworthy moment of life.

LMNT believes in living large not just living for the weekend! Everyday should be the day to shine to have a good time and to express yourself. We are unapologetic, we are brave and we are flawless